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Date: 04-12-2021
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 8,367

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There's a prompt I've been wanting to do for at least five years, so dammit, we're doing it. I go on a lot of walks and half the time I forget to charge my earbuds, and it's not safe to read phone while walking so I just walk and think. The weird thing is, that's when I want to write the most! I have no problem thinking up all sorts of things I want to write down (but usually forget when I get to where I'm going). This week I want you to do the same* (except remember).

I want you to leave your headphones at home and walk around going nowhere. Just walk. Walk and think and look and marvel at our weird strange world. 1 mile or 1.5 km = 100 words (yeah yeah yeah), up to 300 words a day. Normal, everyday steps don't count! you have to walk for no reason other than to observe and think.

Also when you sign up I will assign you a flower, because you'll probably see flowers on your walk. I like flowers. Hopefully you do too. Flowers have a ton of symbolic meaning which you can use or it can just be a pretty thing to inspire you and serve as the seed for your thoughts while you walk around.

I don't want to rules lawyer this shit so we're using the honor system here. When you sign up, give a quick journal of your walks and your total earned word count. e.g.

story submitter posted:

Day 1: walked 2 miles. saw a butterfly
Day 2: walked 1 mile. stepped in dog poop
day 3: walked 2 miles. hated it.
Day 4: walked .5 miles, that's probably enough.
total: 5.5 miles = 550 words

Other than that, have fun, be safe, and let your mind and feet wander!

no: erotica, weird performance art nobody gets, bad stories

* yeah this prompt is pretty ableist, so if you can't walk for whatever reason, then go find a nice park or somewhere secluded and sit there and do the thinkin. 20 minutes = 100 words. If you can't go outside safely because of coronavirus chuds or military juntas, then PM me with a proposed alternative and I'll probably be chill with it.

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