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Date: 5-11-2021
Word Limit: 1984
Words Written: 20,688

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Uranium Phoenix
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This week's prompt is, again after five years or so, -punk genres. Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and so on. And not limited to ones that actually exist with enough examples to go on wikipedia, either. We may see Dreampunk, Teslapunk, Wizardpunk, or (welp) Memepunk. Or who knows what.

Here's a link to the first time we did this prompt.

Declare your genre when you post in. Here's the thing, though. Only one person gets to write in each genre, and they're first come, first serve. You can also ask me to give you a genre. I won't give out any genres until Wednesday night, so as not to step on any genres people want to claim.

Do I have to explain what -punk means? Golly, I hope not. Think alternate history, alternate technology, the future of technology, rebellion, outsiders, and/or how technology affects freedom and equality. Or just put in some strange impractical computers, zeppelins, and/or absurdly shiny fashion accessories. Good stories are more important here than genre fidelity.

No Erotica, fanfic, googledocs, poetry, etc. Political Satire, if you attempt it, should have a little depth

1984 words, for the year Neuromancer was published and the George Orwell of it all.

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