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Date: 06-29-2021
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 12,516

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i won and last time dog week was okay, so this time, we're doing it again. its simple, really. you sign up, and then you get a dog from this site [url]http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/[/url] and then you write a story inspired by that dog.

but, wait... do you hear that? the call of something horrible out there

oh no. the cats are attacking.

thats right its a duel to the death between cats and dogs this week. when you sign up, you choose either cats or dogs. i will then give you a dog breed or a cat breed, depending on what you choose. and no, you dont get to pick. this is war soldier, so this is very serious.

however, what's war without a little espionage? you can sign up as a spy, and i will give you BOTH a cat and a dog. you can use one of these, or both of these prompts (using both is cooler btw). but the risk of being a spy is great, and as such, if you sign up as a spy, you MUST :toxx: but of course, playing both sides also has benefits, so you can take an extra 500 words if you spy :toxx:.

similar to previous dog weeks, you DO NOT need to specifically use the dog and/or cat breed in your story. it can just be inspired. if you have a maine coon, and your story is set in maine, fine enough.

other rules:
all dogs and cats are good. yes this is a rule
1000 words, 1500 words with a spy :toxx:

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