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Date: 08-02-2021
Word Limit: 1130
Words Written: 9,042

Judges (crits):
a friendly penguin
Lily Catts
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Hello writer friends! And, if you clicked the link from the Dorkroom and found yourselves here, hello photo friends!

Something the TD crew may not know is that before I doubled-down on writing bad words, I used to walk around and take bad photos.

During this time, the Dorkroom provided a really friendly nurturing productive environment to share my photos and learn how to take less bad photos of increasingly more boring deadpan scenes. (jk love you guys)

For this week’s Thunderdome, I’d like to see how my writer friends fare with photos shared from my photo friends.

There’s a thread in the Dorkroom where dorkroomers will post some photos for you to choose from. If you’d like to leave your inspiration to fate, let me know in the sign-up post and I’ll find you a photo to work with. If you’re a photo-er who wants to write, or a writer who wants to post up a photo, please feel free to do so but don’t pick your own photo to write about.

In the spirit of this week’s cross-forum effort, the theme for this week’s stories is collaboration.

You’ve got 1130 words, because that’s how much it costs to buy a goon-approved Chamonix 45N-2. If you :toxx:, you can take 400 more words, because Portra 400 is the one true film.

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