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Date: 11-17-2021
Word Limit: 800
Words Written: 7,701

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if you don't like this week complain directly to curlingiron as it's 100% her fault

football week, motherfuckers.

football IS for nerds. it's just chess with gladiators. look at this head coach and tell me he's not a nerd:

or these dudes

so yeah. we're playing football this week. THIS IS A MANDATORY BRAWL WEEK only i won't be picking the matchups. the offense will be doing that. they'll pick what matchups they like and try to exploit the defense. the theme of this week is STRUGGLE. your characters are experiencing some sort of struggle.

who is offense and who is defense? you! pick a side when you sign up. if the offense has more people, then they can double team a defensive player. if the defense has more people, they score free points. whichever team scores the most points wins the week and will get a special prize. i haven't decided what yet. y'all should definitely elect a team captain and choose a team name / image tho. offensive team captain will tell me the brawl matchups on sunday.

when you sign up, I will assign you a football position based on your chosen team. this should serve as inspiration for your story (i'll give you a little write up on the position and their importance/motivations, etc). DON'T WRITE ABOUT SPORTS unless you really, really want to.

3 Total Submissions, 0 Total Failures:
Team FART - offenseTitan Kazaks - defense
Honorable Mention
Carl Killer Miller
Honorable Mention
One of a Kind