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Date: 01-26-2022
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 15,124

Judges (crits):
Chernobyl Princess
a friendly penguin
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I love relationships. The ones that break, the ones that heal, the ones that shouldn't work but manage to hold on, the ones that are perfect on paper but fall apart with the slightest stress... they're just great. This week I want to read stories about people working on relationships in distress. This means your story must have:

1. At least two characters who are
2. Extremely emotionally invested in one another in some way
3. Experiencing a serious test to that emotional investment.

While romantic relationships are my personal cup of tea, this can be deep friendship, parents and children, obsessive enemies, a person and their dog, a wookie and their human, whatever (no fanfic rule applies, unless it's really good). What I want to see is intensity of feeling.

Word limit: 1500 words

No fanfic, political screeds, or erotica.

12 Total Submissions, 7 Total Failures: