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Date: 02-22-2022
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 7,417

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The man called M
Chernobyl Princess
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Because someone had the temerity to use my first idea for this prompt last year, we're going back to basics.

A whole lot of stories revolve around conflict and this week so will yours. Write me a story about two characters who disagree about something on a fundamental level and take their conflict way too far. You're all on the internet so this should be a familiar situation. Crucially, though, both characters should be equally right/wrong (including slapfights about things which have no objective right answer).

Example: the proper way to cut sandwiches.

Now, I don't want lolrandom stories. "You like pineapple on pizza so now I will shoot you" is not interesting. Conflict doesn't have to mean physical violence either. Maybe the conflict is a long-running issue; maybe it's a symptom; maybe it's the spark. I'm looking for strong characters here.

If you like, a judge can assign you the conflict. Otherwise, you can choose your own. You don't have to post it separately in that case but it should be clear what it is in your story. If a judge does assign it, please quote it above your submission.

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