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Date: 04-19-2022
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 7,748

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Bad Seafood
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The word for the week is Operatic, the foundation for a large family of subgenres: Soap Opera, Space Opera, Horse Opera, Castle Opera. You could probably do it with anything, really. The point here is to be big and bombastic, legendary and loud. Echoing the oldest stories and myths you know helps, too.

You don't need music in your stories, but this is, optionally, a music week, and we'll be taking inspiration from the music of Queen. The baseline word count is 1500 words. Pick a song from their catalog and declare it going in and get 500 more words. Or ask me for one and get 1000 instead. (Assignments start being handed out Wednesday evening.) One writer per song, and as usual, avoid a literal adaptation of the song.. Grab some bits mix them around, and get inspired.

All the usual rules apply, no fanfic, erotica, screeds, etc.

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