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Date: 05-16-2022
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 6,577

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This week you will use music for inspiration! But instead of handing out songs individually, I want everyone to take the same inspiration: Wilco’s album Sky Blue Sky, only for the reason that I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and I love it, and I love to see other people’s interpretations of things that I love.

What kind of story would have this music as a soundtrack?

There are many ways you can be inspired. Listen to the album and see what it makes you feel and try to capture that vibe in your story. Or pick one song that grabs you and be inspired by that one song. Or if you really aren't a fan of the music, then you could just read through the lyrics and pick a line that you like, or hell, even just the title of a song or the album art.

Please let me know in your story post what inspired your story (was it the vibe, a specific song or lyric, or whatever else) i won't judge based on prompt adherence, this part is for my own enjoyment

I know some people really don't like open ended prompts like this, so if you want some restrictions you can ask me for a setting or a character and i'll give you something.

Usual rules, no fanfic or erotica and etc

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