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Date: 06-07-2022
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 5,528

Judges (crits):
The Cut of Your Jib
Week Archivist:

I found two old magazines cleaning out my grandparents' attic. Ladies' Home Journal 1932 and Popular Science Monthly 1927.
Choose one magazine at sign-up and I will scan an ad, headline, or cartoon for inspiration.

You do not have to incorporate it in any way except for a vague, oh I see where this story came from. If you want to be more upfront, that's fine too.

If there are tons of sign-ups, I may have to dig for some other magazines (to avoid ads with egregiously outdated sensibilities), but I'll find some good ones.

no fanfics or porno. No other genre restrictions.

Since I'm scanning these myself there is no image alt-text, so if anyone wants or needs a text description of the photo based ads, I'm happy to provide.

Here's an example from Pop Sci

Crystals of Fire! The Magic Story of Diamonds, and How Men Stampede

Ladies' Home Journal

Pink Tooth Brush threatens Everybody!

First to call dibs can take either of these if they want.

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