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Date: 08-30-2022
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 16,451

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Something Else
Fuschia tude
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a friendly penguin

Human and animal biology has stayed the same for far too long. Two eyes? Four limbs? One brain?! That stuff is old! Stodgy! Boring! WELL NO MORE. This week, I want to know how you think we should mix up the template. Give me a story about mutation. Intentional, accidental, beneficial, adversarial - the only certainty when a mutation occurs is that something new gets born.

If you want a flash rule, I will tell you the catalyst for your mutation.

Word Limit: 1500
Boilerplate: No erotica, google docs or external links, ideological screeds, plagiarism, fanfic

There is no signup deadline. But I would like it if you sign up so I can make a big list of names right here.

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