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Date: 09-06-2022
Word Limit: 1100
Words Written: 7,527

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a friendly penguin

Beefy and kind? That’s a hunk. Beefy and stupid? That’s a jock. Kind and stupid? That's just a decent man! But beefy, kind, and stupid? That’s a himbo and, this week:

Tired of dangerous bad boys, edgy antiheroes, and brooding Byronic love interests? Me too! I wanna see more studs with brains as smooth as their sculpted abs. I want good dudes with rock hard bodies and the personalities of golden retrievers. And I want them to save the day. Of course, the scale of “the day being saved” is totally up to you. Everything from being a shoulder to cry on to stopping the end of the world is on the table. No problem, no conflict is too big or too small for the strong arms of these beefy bois. Now, before you flood the thread/my inbox with cries of, “Tyrannosaurus! I don’t know anything about himbos!” First of all, yes, you do. Second, here are some common tropes that you by no means need to include and are solely for the benefit of getting your creative juices flowing:

1) A super dumb, poorly thought out plan actually succeeding to the surprise of everyone except the himbo who was, unshockingly, extremely confident in its merits.
2) An unusual talent or passion -- often utilized for comedic effect but not uncommonly the key to success. This can be anything from cake baking to sign language to an encyclopedic knowledge of bird behavior. This is as likely to be well-established throughout the story as it is to appear out of nowhere (i.e “Well, you never asked!”)
3) The adoption of a protective, parental role. Routinely for a peer group (or near peer group).
4) Being the emotionally supportive BFF of a lesbian.
5) And, finally… violence. The merits of fighting fire with fire are arguable but there is nevertheless something extremely satisfying in watching toxic masculinity get its teeth knocked out by the sweet and simple fists of a beautiful brick shithouse.

signs up close: friday midnight est
submission close: sunday midnight est
word limit: 1100; but if you :toxx: to crit the story posted before and after yours, you can have an additional 500 as a bounty. Your crits will be due within 5 days of the judgment post.

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