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Date: 09-12-2022
Word Limit: 808
Words Written: 7,108

Judges (crits):
The Cut of Your Jib
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a friendly penguin

I have been champing at the bit to reach a magical number of TD words written.
Since I have to wait another week to complete it, I want stories involving numbers.

It can be conspiracy theory/finding meaning in coincidence or creepy/mystical stuff like the movie π, scientists debating Drake's Equation, spaceship racers going for a percentage of light speed, or even the local cornershop numerologist.

There's no expectation that it has to be chock full o' hard science, but if you want to go that route, I'll read it wearing my prescription analytical reading hat.

I'm not too concerned about genre so long as a number or numbers are significant to the story or characters.

Word limit is 808.
The fun part:
If you make a chiptune song before signup deadline and post it here, you get double word count!

It doesn't have to be good, but at least try a little. If you want to show off your flash and use other tools, then make something awesome. I'm hoping that if you're skilled in a DAW you'll make something fresh rather than post an old track, but who am I to know?

Here's a completely free chiptune maker, and you can kind of just click around to figure it out, or read the tutorial (bah)

The coolest part is you just copy the link and your tune is embedded in the URL. No messing with files needed!
a ditty i made in like 3 minutes by clicking almost randomly as an example.

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