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Date: 11-29-2022
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 6,654

Judges (crits):
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This has been quite a good year for me in the dome. 6 Wins, 10 HMs, including my first ‘hat-trick’ run of three HMs in a row.

I have had to go deep into my Prompt ideas file, though. I could just repeat one, of course.  It’s been a while. But instead, I’m going to repeat all of them.

So here’s the deal: when you sign up, pick one of the previous prompt in the next post.  The flash rule and subprompt setup for the original prompt will also apply; I’ll flash you accordingly.  One prompt per entrant. (In the unlikely event that we get close to running out I’ll change this.)  Note: when the original prompt had a one-per-entrant restriction, that doesn’t apply here.  You can pick or be assigned things that have already been used.

1000 words (overrides the original prompt wordcounts and bounties with one exception, see below). And you can earn 100 extra words for each crit of a story in a 1-judge week (We’ve had too many of those lately). No limit, and you can post the crits any time before you post your story.

The usual restrictions apply as stated in the various prompts.

8 Total Submissions, 2 Total Failures:

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