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Date: 01-31-2023
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 8,922

Judges (crits):
Sailor Viy
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a friendly penguin

Welcome to a special all-Aussie Thunderdome, brought to you by Chairchucker, potential other Aussie judge, and me without my pants! This week, I’m paying tribute to the classic Aussie TV show Round the Twist, which I used to watch every night after school without my pants. Based on the short stories by Paul Jennings, Round the Twist followed the Twist family as they moved to a lighthouse in a small country town and found themselves in all sorts of exciting supernatural predicaments — from ghosts haunting dunnies to cabbages bearing babies to skeletons that cursed you to finish each sentence with “without my pants”, without my pants. (okay that’s enough of that)

This week, I’d like you to write a story where your characters have an unusual living situation and help a supernatural being somehow. Interpret this however you want!

In the spirit of the show, I’d like the stories this week to be fairly child-friendly, but this is a show where a boy turns his penis into a propeller to win a swimming competition, so there’s a bit of leeway.

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