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Date: 04-18-2023
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 11,528

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a friendly penguin

They say, "Write what you know."

Well, I'm going to "Have them write what I know," and what I know right now involves a couple of recent months of inconclusive veterinary visits, 2 AM trips to let the pooch into the yard, flailing around with different types of diets, and so on. (Not to worry; she's doing better now.)

I would love to read your story involving a pet, preferably including what it means to your protagonist. However, this does not have to be a pet you actually care for IRL, nor does the pet have to fit the bounds of reality or logic. Your story can range from light and cute to Old Yeller.

Everyone loves to wax poetic about their pets, so for my sanity I need to keep things to 1500 words. You can get 500 more words if you take a flash rule, which will probably either be some characteristic your pet has or some impact it has on your life.

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