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Date: 06-27-2023
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 18,567

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Chernobyl Princess
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a friendly penguin

I had two prompt ideas that I couldn't choose between so you get both and you can choose to use one or the other or both, but not neither.

Prompt number one:
Your protagonist has some kind of powers that are unique to them and that other people in that story's universe do not have. These powers will be relevant to the story you write. It could be about them struggling to keep their weird powers under control. It could be about them fighting crime with their powers. It could be about them using their powers to feed their pet buffalo. IDK, it's up to you, just don't write anything where they use their powers to be a creep or a sex pest or whatever. (Seriously don't do this.)

Prompt number two:
Goblins. Your story has a goblin in it. I will largely leave the interpretation of goblins up to the writer, but what I don't want is for your goblin to be part of a faceless screaming horde. They should be their own goblin with their own goblinesque agenda.

You can, as I've mentioned, combine these two prompts, and have a goblin in your story and also a person with powers, and your goblin can be the power wielding protagonist, or you can have someone else have the powers.

You may also request a flash rule in one of three ways.

If you ask for a 'powers flash', I will tell you something about the power your main character has.

If you ask for a 'goblinesque flash' I will give you an adjective that in some way fits your goblin.

If you ask for a 'powerful goblin flash' I will give you both flash rules, and you can choose to apply the power to the goblin, or not.

No erotica or screeds or Google docs. Fanfic permitted of any IP which is now in the public domain because does that even count as fanfic any more idk.

One final thing. I am willing to be a little flexible on the definition of goblin. If you have some other kind of fantasy critter with the general attitude or demeanour of a goblin, I will probs be fine with that. After all, what is a fairy but a winged goblin?

Word count maximum: 1500, or 1750 if you take a flash rule. EDIT A few people have offered to draw goblins. If you illustrate a goblin and put that illustration in your entry, or your character displaying their powers, you get an additional 250 words. If you just want to draw a powerful goblin, if I like them you also get 250 words and I'll put the image in this prompt.

Sign up deadline: when I go to bed on Saturday, Canberra time. (This is slightly later than the usual deadline so if you aim for the usual deadline you'll be fine, and if you are a bit later than that you might be pushing it.)
Submission deadline: when I go to bed on Monday, Canberra time. (As above, this is slightly later than the usual deadline.)

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