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Date: 07-11-2023
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 14,793

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a friendly penguin

Genres! Here's a partial list of fiction genres:

Children's Classic (or literary fiction) Coming-of-age Bildungsroman: Encyclopedic Epic: Epic poetry: Fabulation: Folklore (folktale) Animal tale Fable: Fairy tale Ghost story Legend: Myth: Parable Personal narrative Urban legend Historical: Alternate history: Historical fantasy Historical mystery Historical romance Regency romance Nautical fiction Pirate novel Metafiction Metaparody Nonsense Nonsense verse Paranoid Philosophical Pop culture: Postmodern Realist: Hysterical Religious or inspirational Christian Islamic Theological: Visionary Satire: Horatian Juvenalian Menippean Social and political fiction Libertarian sci-fi Social sci-fi Political thriller Thriller Conspiracy Erotic Legal Financial Political Psychological Romantic suspense Techno-thriller Urban: Western: Florida Northern Space Western romance Weird West Young adult Action and adventure Adventure fantasy Heroic fantasy Lost world Sword-and-sandal Sword-and-sorcery Sword-and-soul Wuxia Nautical Pirate Robinsonade Spy: Spy-Fi: Subterranean Superhero Survival Swashbuckler: Picaresque Comedy Burlesque Fantasy Comedy horror Parody Metaparody Sci-fi Surreal comedy Tall tale: Tragicomedy: Crime and mystery Crime fiction Caper Giallo Legal thriller Mystery: Cozy mystery: City mysteries Detective: f Gong'an Girl detective Inverted detective story (aka howcatchem) Occult detective Hardboiled Historical mystery Locked-room mystery Police procedural: Whodunit: Noir Nordic noir Tart Noir Speculative fiction Fantasy Fantasy Action-adventure Heroic Lost world Subterranean Sword-and-sandal Sword-and-sorcery Wuxia Contemporary Occult detective fiction Paranormal romance Urban Cozy fantasy[8] Dark Fairytale Fantastique Fantasy comedy Bangsian Fantasy of manners Gaslamp Gothic Grimdark Gritty Hard High Historical Isekai Juvenile Low Magic realism: Mythic: Mythopoeia: Mythpunk Romantic Science: science fiction based in elements of fantasy.[9] Dying Earth Planetary romance Sword and planet Superhero Supernatural Shenmo Weird fiction New weird Weird West Horror Horror Body (aka biological): Frankenstein (1818). Comedy Zombie comedy Erotic (sometimes monster erotica) Ero guro Ghost stories and ghostlore Gothic American Southern Southern Ontario Space Suburban Tasmanian Urban Japanese Korean Lovecraftian (or Cosmic) Monster literature Jiangshi fiction Werewolf fiction Vampire literature Psychological Splatterpunk Techno Weird fiction Weird menace Weird West Zombie apocalypse Science fiction Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic Christian Comedy Utopian and dystopian Dystopian: Cyberpunk: Biopunk Dieselpunk Japanese cyberpunk Nanopunk Solarpunk Steampunk: Utopian: Feminist Gothic Isekai Hard Climate fiction Parallel world Libertarian Mecha Mecha anime and manga Military Soft Anthropological Social Science fantasy: Dying Earth Planetary romance Sword and planet Space opera: Space Western: Spy-Fi: Subterranean Superhero Tech noir Techno-thriller Romance Amish Chivalric Fantasy Contemporary Gay Lesbian Medical Erotic Thriller Romantic fantasy Historical Regency Inspirational: Paranormal Time-travel Romantic suspense Western Young Adult


Pick at least two, and jam them together
. Cozy Fantasy x Lovecraftian? Why not! Dying Earth x Legal? Why not! Feminist x Gothic x Isekai x Hard Climate fiction x Parallel world x Libertarian x Mecha?

Why not!

1000 words for your genre-spanning work. +500 for those brave enough to roll the wheel o' genres and get two at random.

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