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Date: 08-14-2023
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 13,251

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a friendly penguin

They say a good way to travel is to read a good book, but why not do that while actually traveling?

For this week when you sign up you will get a random city and your story will take place in that city. It can be at any point in history or in the future, but do try to capture some essence of the city. Most likely you will not have ever been there, google street view and wikipedia are great tools for writing!

You'll also get a not so random book which will probably be one of my favorites. You obviously don't have to read the book, look at a synopsis somewhere, or just the description on amazon, or even just the title, whatever inspires you.

Combine these two things and give me a story of 1500 words max.

usual rules apply, signup deadline friday night PST, entry deadline sunday night PST

this week there will be no negative mentions. if you really want to figure out which story i liked the least, you'll have to surmise it from the crits.

11 Total Submissions, 1 Total Failures:

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