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Date: 08-21-2023
Word Limit: 1750
Words Written: 21,819

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The Cut of Your Jib
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a friendly penguin

I read and write at night. I want to feel the past-midnight vibe. There's a lot that goes on after the lights are out, if you want to be a bit erotic, go for it. I don't necessarily want explicit descriptions, but if the language is charged, then yes. Don't feel constrained by that, tho, crime and fun and vampires and normal things also happen after sundown. I worked graveyard in an office for many years so you can touch on that. It's decidedly different but the same as a 9-5. Gimme the night.

If you want a flash, I'll give you a cliché trip-hop or post-rock song that I listen to as I write.
Triple edit: 1750 words, but if you're on a tear, then keep going. Don't feel like you have to edit yourself down to meet an arbitrary constraint. If you need the number then that's what it is.

E: Loser is not guaranteed and there may not be one. If everybody writes good, then I'm pleased

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