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Date: 08-28-2023
Word Limit: 1750
Words Written: 7,442

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a friendly penguin

Forces of Nature personified. I won't specify if they should be classical or scientific. Should Mud be a force of nature? Sure. Should the Up, Strange, Charm, etc from quantum physics be forces? Sure. Lightning, Water, Gravity (Love? please no) can all be forces. They all need personification somehow, I won't even go so far as to say they know each other familiarly or must interact a certain way. They don't have to be superheroes and they don't have to have powers or be in a club. It might be nice if they recognize each other of course but it's on you.

Good luck.

E: Apologies I forgot a word limit. I read fast but comprehend slow so I'll just keep the ball rolling with 1750 words. That seems like a good amount to shoot for. If you overshoot and can't finish by all means pull back but don't feel like you have to trim a bunch of lines to get that exact number. Just in that range really, be reasonable and check the word counter every so often. You do you.

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