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Date: 10-31-2023
Word Limit: 1410
Words Written: 6,100

Judges (crits):
The Cut of Your Jib
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a friendly penguin

Week 587 Prompt

Trick-or-Treat Music Week

Lol, I'm co-running the week with Rohan and handling the prompt. For the final Halloween blitz, sign up and receive a treat from my Halloween music playlist. Some are newish, some are classic kitsch. Now, I'm not fussy about strict adherence to song content, just use it for inspiration, but it should be clear that you were inspired by it. If you're greedy you can ask for +1 or +2 songs to incorporate for a bonus of 200 words each. Bear in mind that they may not mesh well together, but that's the fun part.

If you ask for a trick, then the next person to sign up can assign you any song you must incorporate (though creepy is encouraged). Other tricks and treats may come at any time, so stay on your toes for ghosts and ghoulies!

No screeds, no fanfic, but spooky erotica allowed!

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