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Date: 11-06-2023
Word Limit: 1666
Words Written: 8,956

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a friendly penguin

The rich are richer than ever and continue to be awful and irredeemable and gleeful in their fucking of you and I and the earth. For this week I want to go to a fantasy land where a rich person faces a consequence!

You may have the rich person as your pov character, or not, they can be a focus, or in the background, but importantly: I want catharsis! I want some rich a-hole getting completely ruined due to their own greed, hubris, evilness, or whatever. I want to pretend that justice or at least karma exist for a while so please do not subvert this and have a twist where the rich guy wins it will not go over well, please just give me this.

Unfairly-northern-hemisphere-centric-rule: all stories must take place in the fall, if I can’t tell it’s fall time I will be very put out.

1666 word limit.
Usual rules apply

Unusual rules also apply:
signup deadline friday night midnight pst BUT you may still enter without signing up, but in that case you will only have 1000 words.

Submission deadline sunday midnight pst

I don’t generally give out losses or dms, but if you fuck with me i will

If you ask for a flash rule when you sign up I will give you a kind of rich person to destroy.

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