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Date: 11-13-2023
Word Limit: 666
Words Written: 3,838

Judges (crits):
Ouzo Maki
Week Archivist:
a friendly penguin

That was a really uplifting week 588, wasn't it? Who doesn't like seeing corrupt fat cats get absolutely dumpstered, as they so rightly deserve. But now that we've had our moment of catharsis, we're going to downshift a bit. Get a little melancholy.

I want stories about hauntings. What's considered a "haunting"? Whatever you want! Is it a literal ghost? Is it someone haunted by a long lost love? It is a room being haunted by a fart? Totally up to you, but the story unequivocally must feature some sense of metaphorical baggage, a weight attached to the situation or protagonist. Your story doesn't have to be a melancholy bummer, of course. As long as there's a haunt I'll be satisfied.

Also: fuck plot. Like yeah, I get it, plot is important, I get yelled at about it all the time. What I'm wanting for this week is VIBE. I want to see evocative language, lavish prose, I want to feel stuff. Because of this, I'm limiting your words. Be effective, be efficient, but I'm not looking for a complete arc.

So, with that said, 666 word limit.
Usual rules apply

Flash Rule: For an extra 100 words, I will give you a moody vibe song that you must incorporate somehow into your story.

Super Flash: For an extra 244(!) words, I will give you both a moody song AND a one word vibe check for your haunting (e.g. ennui, breakup, crime, forest)

Don't really care if you signup, but if you want access to Flash / Super Flash Rules you gotta ask for one before Friday Midnight EST
Submission deadline Sunday midnight EST

Lossless week unless circumstances demand retribution.

5 Total Submissions, 1 Total Failures:

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