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Date: 01-09-2024
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 11,555

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beep-beep car is go
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It's early January. For a lot of people around the world, that means the end of a month or two of celebrations revolving around food. For a lot of people, it means new resolutions surrounding eating: less meat, less alcohol, more vegetables, etc. As a species, we have a complicated and not always helpful relationship with food. But you know what won't give you indigestion? You know what won't leave you feeling bloated or hungover?

Writing about food.

So make like Brian Jacques (without the morality bioessentialism) and George RR Martin (except you actually have to finish your story) and write me stories about food. Fancy foods, big meals, meaningful recipes - I want to see food front and centre. Be vivid in your descriptions, exacting in your measurements and generous with the potatoes. It's not enough to just describe your meal (or lack thereof?), however - it should be central to the story. The food should mean something. I don't want to see a murder that just happens to occur at afternoon tea; I want to see the ordering of cream and jam on the scone reveal the murderer's identity.

All the usual things are excluded: poetry, erotica, fanfic, raw screeds and primal screams, spreadsheets, gdoc links in general.

If you're struggling for inspiration, you can request a flash rule from myself or a co-judge. They will give you an ingredient that you must incorporate somehow; to help you do so, your word limit will increase by 500 words. Fair warning: while I'll try to keep these ingredients as genre- and setting-agnostic as possible, some of them may be rather abstract.

In addition, there's a special prize: whoever's food description makes me the hungriest will be immune to losses and dishonourable mentions. I'm not going to rule out losses or DMs otherwise but I'm not rushing to assign them either.

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