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Date: 01-15-2024
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 14,470

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Toaster Beef
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I have the good fortune of living in a proper-ass small town. Think Stars Hollow, from Gilmore Girls, except without that kind of money. There's a walkable main drag with a bunch of locally owned shops, a park in the center of town where lots of events are held, there's a miniature village (literally an entire section of town where the homes are super small and it's all connected by sidewalks), a town lake, the whole nine yards. It's adorable.

And I want you to flip it on its goddamn head.

Maybe it's a little cliche, but it's what I wanna read, so: For this week's Thunderdome, I want you to write about a lovely, tiny little town with a big, big secret. Don't feel constrained: You've got all the wiggle room in the world for this. If your tiny town's big secret is that it's sitting on top of a government lab running zombie experiments, so be it. If your tiny town is a generational starship and the engines have failed but only the engineer knows it, hell yeah, go for it. All this is to say that going big and outlandish shouldn't be considered out of the question. That said, maybe your tiny town is just a normal ol' tiny town and the big secret is someone's running a brothel. I dunno. Whatever the secret, it's gotta be something that would, in the scope of the story, be A Big Damn Deal if it got out. Who it would be a big deal to and why is entirely your call.

You know the drill re: poetry, erotica, fanfic, etc. — nothing special there.

Flash Rule: If you're not sure where to start, request a flash rule and I'll give you a secret to inflict upon your tiny town.

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