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Date: 02-12-2024
Word Limit: 1250
Words Written: 8,687

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a friendly penguin

I've got a couple of trips planned this year, returning to places I visit only every couple of years, if that. As a result I'm thinking a lot about what they will look like and if I can still find my way around.

This week I want you to give me a story about once-familiar things. Places or people or things you used to know extremely well, but now feel different. Give me unsettling stories where the details are somehow just wrong .

Flash rules will be available in the form of a random song lyric by Matt Berninger of the National, and will grant you a bonus 250 words.

As usual, no fanfic, erotica, quote tags, gdocs, etc.

Word limit: 1,250 (without flash rule) / 1,500 (with flash rule)

7 Total Submissions, 0 Total Failures: