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Date: 03-04-2024
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 10,198

Judges (crits):
Slightly Lions
Chernobyl Princess
Week Archivist:
a friendly penguin

Chinese New Year has just come and gone and we're back to the Year of the Dragon, which happens to be the birthsign for myself and Thunderdome. So this week I want ya'll to write me stories about dragons. It doesn't have to be fantasy, you can be as literal or metaphorical with it as you want, use any interpretation of, or association with, the draconic, but by God there had better Be Dragons Here.

Flash Rule: I don't have a super coherent theme, but if you want flashrules you can request a story beat/archetype, a song, or a picture. You can request up to two, and each one will give you +250 words.
Word Limit: 1500 ( up to +500 for flash rule)

7 Total Submissions, 0 Total Failures: