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Date: 03-18-2024
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 6,905

Judges (crits):
Toaster Beef
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a friendly penguin

I'm about to become a dad. Like, it could happen this week (so lol, judging might get wild). And it has me thinking about stuff like Aesop — where you're telling a story but also imparting some wisdom. I love that kind of thing. Something about a simple story well told that leaves you with a little life lesson just tickles a very specific part of my brain. So this week, I'd love to see stories that teach morals. Do these have to be moral morals? Not at all. The moral of your story can be heinous. Make it "It's best to burn the entire village instead of just the barracks," if you want — just make sure that by the end of your piece the reader knows exactly the lesson you're teaching. You'd also be wise to keep in mind the aforementioned idea of "a simple story well told."

Word limit: 1,500

Flash rule: If you'd like an extra 500 words to work with, I can provide you with one of Aesop's morals to chew on. You can do whatever the hell you like with it, but it's gotta come through in your story.

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