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Date: 04-16-2024
Word Limit: 2024
Words Written: 9,464

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a friendly penguin

Every year I like to do a week themed around a piece of media that is set in the current year, back when that was the future.  2024 offered two main choices, and I’m not going to touch A Boy and His Dog, so...

You know, there’s probably an alternate universe right next door where Something Awful has a long-running Highlander themed writing contest called Hallowed Ground. It honestly makes more sense; the Thunderdome was a Two Men Enter One Man Leaves kind of thing whereas the Quickening starts with a large field but in the end There Can Be Only One.  Of course, while Sean Connery and Mel Gibson probably cancel each other out, Tina Turner is way cooler than Christopher Lambert.

So, this week, it’s time for stories inspired by Highlander...2. So what I want are otherwise mundane stories set in 2024 that also have aliens or an immortal in them. (There can be only one. There may be other immortals in your setting but only one is in the story.)

Here’s the gimmick: you have 2024 words to work with this week.  You can write one story with all those words (or fewer), or two stories whose word counts total less than or equal to 2024. If you write two stories, one has to be an aliens story and the other has to be an immortal story.  If you only write one it can be either or both.

Flash rules are available; you can ask for an alien flash or an immortal flash and I’ll give you a fact about your aliens or immortal.

The usual restrictions apply: no gdocs, screeds, erotica, poetry, fanfic.

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