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Date: 04-23-2024
Word Limit: 1999
Words Written: 15,202

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Quiet Feet
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a friendly penguin

Writing is a pain in the ass a lot of the time. Sometimes the words come out staccato; just little bits and pieces pried from your brain between checking a thread, sipping your coffee, clipping your nails, etc. Other times it can be like an archeological dig where you unearth a lot of pieces but don't entirely know what it is you've just found, or if it's even complete.

And then there are those miraculous times where it just flows like you're a pipe this shit is coming through from another dimension. For myself, the common thread is almost always a song. A couple of weeks ago I banged out the first three pages of a story in an hour while listening to this song on loop. Yes, it did prominently feature an owl. Whereas this one put a story in my head about a golem who is farming mashed potatoes and thinks he's married to a trebuchet.

Now that may not be what works to open up your creative sluices, but tough, because what I want for this week is up to 1,999 words based on one of the following options.

A: Pick a song you love. Make sure to include a link to it somewhere in your "in" post. Write a story based on its vibe and include a single line from it as dialogue.

B: If you want a prompt instead, you get the first song that comes up on shuffle on my Spotify. As above, write a story based on its vibe and include a single line from it as dialogue. My musical tastes are kinda erratic and there's no telling what you'll get.

So, let's collaborate on this album! Whatever gets put together is the soundtrack to Thunderdome Week DCXII!

No restrictions on genre but the usual restrictions apply: no gdocs, screeds, erotica, poetry, fanfic.

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