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Date: 05-06-2024
Word Limit: 1314
Words Written: 10,924

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Quiet Feet
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a friendly penguin

I'm tired.

I've had a bit of insomnia the past few days, and it sounds like we all had a tough time writing last week, so I think it's time for some nice, relaxing bedtime stories. You have 1,314 words to tell me a fairy tale because that's the word count of a story I co-wrote with my daughter when she was seven. The story was about a man who lived alone in cottage cheese in the woods, but yours doesn't have to be. However, your story must include three of something. It could be Three wicked stepsisters, three magic rings, three kingdoms at war, as long as there are three.

Flash rules: Want something more challenging? A little more inspiration? There are no specific flash rules for this week but if you want to, I'll add in an extra rule for your particular story. It will probably be kinda stupid.

The usual restrictions apply: no gdocs, screeds, erotica, poetry, fanfic.

9 Total Submissions, 0 Total Failures: