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Date: 05-13-2024
Word Limit: 1472
Words Written: 9,923

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Quiet Feet
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a friendly penguin

Much of my career has been in an office setting where nothing sensible was ever tolerated. This week's prompt will be my unhealthy coping mechanism for all the accumulated trauma. A miserable and insane life in corporate office hell should be featured in your story in some way. Will you be hopeful? Enact just so revenge? Either way, please have a 30 page slide deck ready and prepare to only have the first 8 pages ever seen by anybody in the presentation (note: please don't do that) 

Whether life is Kafkaesque, quotidian desperation, or a madhouse of busybody backstabbing and bullshit buzzwords. Whether passions are crushed by boondoggles, inept bosses, or Sisyphian condemnation, the specifics are up to you. Real life experience in this is not necessary, nor advised.

Flash rules: Being a veteran and survivor of years in middle management, I long ago created a document detailing horrors witnessed first hand. It's well over a hundred bullet points and was my plan for years to become fuel for me to become the next Iannucci. Instead, I'll therapeutically turn some of those notes into your hell, too.

For this project you have a word count budget of 1472 words for no good reason and a firm entry deadline of 11:59 PM Eastern on Friday the 17th. Submissions must be on my desk by 11:00 AM Eastern on Monday the 20th as that's when my interview that morning ends for yet another job in some circle of cubicle zoom meeting hell.

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