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Date: 06-11-2024
Word Limit: 1024
Words Written: 8,355

Judges (crits):
Chernobyl Princess
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a friendly penguin

AI is one of those big hot-button topics these days. It’s going to eliminate our jobs, steal our art, facilitate the spread of misinformation, usher in a new age of underdeveloped writing/research skills, and probably rise up and kill us all at some point.

Or maybe it won’t kill us all. Let’s hope it won’t.

In any case…

The Prompt: Write a story that in some way involves an artificial intelligence.

The nature of the AI is up to you. It could be something like a robotic kitten designed to be the purrfect™ pet/babysitter by a completely ethical corporation, a chatbot who’s getting sick and tired of chatting, a refrigerator that really doesn’t need to be able to pass the Turing Test but does anyways, a military supercomputer who’s achieved self-awareness and has the launch codes for all the nukes… or you could write about somebody using a large language model to cheat on their homework.

The AI can be a protagonist, antagonist, or just kind of there in the background; it can be fully sentient or just spitting out words in roughly-correct-sounding order; just as long as there’s something in the story that can be classified as “AI” in some sense. The prompt is obviously a little more sci-fi leaning, but if you want to go for fantasy with something like a wizard trying to create an artificial familiar, feel free.

You just can’t use AI to actually write it for you.

Word limit: 10000000000
…in binary. That’s 1024 in decimal numbers.

Flash Rules: Upon request, I will provide you with two random words to be included somewhere in your story.

Standard restrictions apply: No gdocs, ideological screeds, erotica, or fan fiction… I’m not going to say “no poetry,” but if you’re including poetry it needs to be as part of an actual story (e.g., the story is about a self-aware haiku-writing robotic vacuum).

10 Total Submissions, 0 Total Failures: