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Date: 06-24-2024
Word Limit: 100
Words Written: 1,309

Judges (crits):
Quiet Feet
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a friendly penguin

Anyone else like Discworld? There's a bit in one novel where the wizards of Unseen University encounter The Creator, just a little old guy who literally makes everything by hand and laments how slow and tiring the entire process is. Before the characters clue him in on a novel new method for his creations to make more life themselves, (hint: it's sex) he spends a lot of his time making beetles. They're fun, fast and easy to make just by snapping together a few simple parts!

I think about that scene whenever I write micro fiction. Sometimes by brain just doesn't want to work on a larger piece, doesn't want to figure out what's behind the door, (probably not sex) what happens next, who dies, who lives, etc. So, I write 100-word short stories, just for funsies. And you can too! In fact, if you're IN this week, you will!

There's gonna be some rules though.

1: As soon as you declare you're IN, you have 24 hours* to produce a work of EXACTLY 100 words. Not 99 words. Definitely not 101 words. Just 100.
2: You can enter as many as three times, but can only work on one piece at a time. In other words, if you declare you're IN at noon on Tuesday, no declaring your second piece until that first one is finished or until you've let the timer run out on that first piece.
3: When you declare you're IN, and each time you post a piece, it must be accompanied by your heroic one-word war cry you've chosen for this round. I don't care if it's "Kyaaaah!" or "aaargh!" or "Adrian!" but if it ain't there, it don't count.

This Thunderdome is about speed! Show me those bolts!

Usual restrictions apply. Due to the unusual nature of this round, there is no entry deadline but submissions do close Sunday night, 11:00 PM EST because I just don't really want to wake up to a dozen last-minute entries. If you write an IN post with less than 24 hours before the deadline, then you have less than 24 hours to work with.

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